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Merapi Volcano

Merapi volcano has a lengthy history of major eruptive episodes. Activity has included lava flows, pyroclastic flows, lahars, Plinian explosions with heavy ashfall, incandescent block avalanches, and dome growth and destruction. It is known as one of the most active volcanoes on earth. It is one of some 500 volcanoes in Indonesia, from which at least 129 are active in the volcanic arc spread along the Asia-Pacific islands called the Ring of Fire. However, trekking on and around Merapi is a popular activity and highly recommended when done during its stable episodes. If you’re interested, you can talk with our front desk agents to help you arranging this activity.

There are also many other activities to do around Merapi, such as:

  1. Learning about volcano at Merapi Museum;
  2. Watching Merapi’s surroundings view and activity at Kaliurang Observation Tower;
  3. Visiting Ullen Sentalu, a great, traditional Javanese heritage museum
  4. Visiting Merapi Park: The world’s landmarks;
  5. Visiting “The Lost World” Castle;
  6. Camping at Klangon Hill
  7. Canoeing or water cycling at Tlaga Putri
  8. Riding in off-road jeeps with Lava Tour at Kaliadem;
  9. Downhill cycling from Klangon Hill;
  10. Motor trail adventure; and last but not least,
  11. Culinary tour (Jadah Tempe Mbah Carik, Kopi Klothok, etc.)


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